Our course is aimed at legal professionals who would like to get an insight into the complex and challenging language of the law and covers all main areas of legal practice. It is also the foundation for TOLES exams. Not only does it provide participants with the opportunity to acquire specific terminology, but it is also highly interactive in terms of spoken and written communication; therefore, our participants will be exposed to real situations that they deal with in their work routine: lawyer-client interviewsclient care emails (informing clients in respect of the stages in a litigation), legal opinions on different topics.

The legal areas covered in our course:

  • Civil Proceedings
  • Company Law
  • Contract Law
  • Insolvency
  • Employment Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Competition Law

Duration: 30 hours.

Our course aims at litigators who are keen on improving legal terminology with a view to better relating to their clients.

The main benefits are:

  • acquiring legal terminology in respect of the Romanian civil proceedings;
  • using formal language in writing (client reports in respect of case strategy, stages in the proceedings);
  • explaining case related issues when addressing clients in meetings.

Duration: 15 hours.

Our course addresses solicitors acting in the area of commercial law. It is primarily meant to enhance their writing skills when providing advisory services to their clients.

Therefore, the main topics that are covered are:

  • Company formation (documents and procedures to be complied with upon incorporation);
  • Types of companies as provided under the Romanian legislation;
  • Provisions governing contributions to the share capital, management systems, Shareholders General Meetings as set forth in Companies Act 31/1990;
  • Constitutional amendments (drafting Shareholders` Resolutions in respect of changing a the company name, registered office, increase/ reduction of share capital, appointment of a director);
  • Spin-offs;
  • Mergers.

Duration: 20 hours.

Our course combines legal and economy English which are used in the current activity of insolvency practitioners.  At the same time, our seminar is highly interactive and our participants will practice their newly-acquired terminology through case studies.

The content of course:

  • Main insolvency proceedings: administration, restructuring, company voluntary arrangement, compulsory and voluntary liquidation;
  • Reorganisation proceedings (submission and content of the insolvency petition, appointment of the administrator, debt table, reorganisation plan, etc.);
  • Types of security interests;

Duration: 15 hours.

Our course addresses professionals who work in the area of criminal law (judges, prosecutors, police officers) who are keen on improving legal terminology with a view to better relating to foreign peers both in writing and speaking.

Main topics:

  • Crimes (against the government, against the person, against property, crimes of forgery, white-collar crimes, cybercrimes, etc.)
  • Criminal Proceedings (court jurisdiction, joinder and severance, types of evidence, preventive measures, stages in a criminal trial, ordinary and extraordinary challenges to sentencing, enforcement of the sentence).

All our courses are delivered either face-to-face (open courses at our office or at our clients` office ) or online.

Raluca Paunescu

Raluca Paunescu

English Legal Teacher