The accuracy of our translation is mainly supported by the fact that we have sound knowledge of both Romanian and English legal system, which facilitates adequate usage of technical words in context and proper register so as the text should sound as if written in one`s native language. Most of our clients are reputed law firms and represent the proof of our professionalism, dilligence and accuracy.


the correct usage of legal vocabulatory; the avoidance of false friends (words that may seem similar to ones existing in the native language but which either do not exist or have a totally different meaning); legal collocations; and last but not least, the proper translation of words and phrases refering to concepts that do not exist either in the Romanian or the common-law legal system.


formality is highly important in legal documents hence, it is essential to know which words to avoid and which words to use in specific contexts.


English language is different to Romanian in terms of word sequence in a sentence, and, all the more, legal English is even more different.

SpeakOUT has wide experience in translating legal documents including:

  • Legal opinions;
  • Contracts;
  • Shareholders` resolutions;
  • Merger projects;
  • Spin-off projects;
  • Tender books;
  • Asset realization procedures;
  • Court douments ( complaints, statements of defense, counter claims, appeals, affidavits, etc.);
  • Legal opinions;